Why Is Branding Important To Your Company?

When you think of Raymond what is the first image that strikes you? When you think of Amazon, does the Amazon forest come to your mind or Amazon, the e-commerce giant?

Importance of Branding
21st February, 2020 · 4 min read
Importance of Branding

When you think of Raymond what is the first image that strikes you? When you think of Amazon, does the Amazon forest come to your mind or Amazon, the e-commerce giant?

Apple is not just a fruit. Windows is not just part of a building. I don’t think so Tesla, the scientist was as famous as Tesla, the electric vehicle and clean energy company.

Think about it, all of these are generic names. To which we had our own image set in our minds, within a few years, they made an impact and their new image got branded in our heads forever.

Today let’s speak about the most important foundation of any company, branding. We at Unikwan are privileged to get an opportunity to create, establish and run many brands all over India. From fintech companies to e-commerce applications. From the institutions of Government of Karnataka to digital media giants. We got to learn many aspects of branding through these projects.

We feel that branding is a promise you make to your customers. It is the simplest expression of your product and its benefits. It is a platform to send across your message to thousands at once.

Common Misconceptions Of Branding

Through time people have misinterpreted branding and tried to fit it into a box. Let’s break the top myths right at the start:

  • It’s not just about a logo or a symbol representing your company. They are an important part of branding but not everything.
  • It is not in the name of the company or the fancy tagline they associate with.
  • Advertising your brand will reach you to hundreds of people but never the thousands or millions.

“A brand is not just a logo, website, or business cards…. It’s an experience.”

Now that we are clear, let’s dive deep into the process of branding we follow at Unikwan.

Brand Strategy

We start with a brand strategy. This strategy collectively represents your product. To begin with the ideation process, we need to first ask some important questions:

  • What is your company’s mission?
  • What are the benefits and features of your product?
  • How can your product be useful to your customers?
  • How do customers perceive your brand?
  • What value system you and your product have that motivates your customers?

I know it’s a lot. To some questions, the answers can be vague and endless. But that is the biggest challenge. Your product can mean and be interpreted in a thousand ways. You must make a choice on how you want your customers to perceive it. You cannot end up being a replica of another brand. In this crowded market, you need to establish yourself as unique, different and fresh.

Brand Identity

The above is not as easy as it is said. We know that there are a set of principles, guidelines, and means of communication that are available to help build a brand. But it is similar to all others too. We as a design agency can help you differentiate and uphold your product amongst others. We believe that building a personality will enhance and bring rich meaning to your product. Humanizing your product will help your customers relate better. We make sure that your product is filled with emotions and values just like your customers.

For example, Nike associates with athletes to showcase their products. They have created a strong emotional attachment with their audience where the stories of the athletes reverberate with their customers. Also, their stories, just like all of us, are not one-dimensional, they are filled with emotions.

“Your brand is about what other people say about you when you’re not in the room”
    – Jeff Bezos


As we are talking about human values, history tells us that the most inventive tool a human being has ever conceived to convey information is storytelling. We are not talking about novels, movies, and plays. Storytelling here we mean is about the story of your product. How your product came into being? Why is it existing? What does it wish to do? Where does it want to reach? and more.

For your customers to retain your brand image in their minds you cannot explain with jargonized technical terms. Instead, it can be conveyed through simple stories.

We at Unikwan have been successful in creating such stories that have persisted even when our client’s products are not the trending topics of the town. What we have observed is customers are never reluctant to buy. They never say no to anything new. If they do, it’s not because you are new. It’s because you haven’t yet convinced them yet. Your customers want to be impressed, astonished and driven towards your products.

Your brand strategy should comprise of all these basic things. Strategizing, creating a brand identity and finally telling better stories.

We know it’s difficult to get attention from your customers. We cannot be writing pages together of stories and presenting it to them. In order to tell better stories, we need to advance to the next step of our branding process, that is, creating websites, logos and apps. We explore more about branding in our next blog in the coming week.

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