UX / UI Project

Sports Connect

Sports Connect aims at creating an ecosystem, catering to the needs of amateur sports players and sports enthusiasts. The application is the first step towards building the environment favorable to the sports players, which encourages children and adults to practice sports in their daily routine as a way of keeping themselves physically fit.


Sports Connect wanted to tackle the problem of connecting with sports enthusiasts by using technology and wanted to create a platform, which caters to all the needs of the stakeholders, related to sports.

Problem identified and solution

As people grow old the importance of playing sports is reduced and is replaced by the long working hours and lazy weekends. The majority of the section of the society remains physically inactive. This problem was tackled by providing the users an easy and motivating platform that makes it easy for them to communicate within the sports ecosystem in their locality. A sense of competition urges users to get out of their homes and play with similar people around them.

For whom is the problem being solved

Primary visitors are the amateur sports persons between the ages of 20 and 60. Those who are into walking, running, cricket, tennis, badminton, golf, baseball, basketball, football, etc. are the primary visitors. Secondary visitors are the service providers to primary users eg. coaches, physios, clubs/academies, sports equipment manufacturers, etc.

  • Allow the users to connect with different players in his/her locality and schedule a game with them.
  • Display different clubs/playground/sports arenas based on the users location.
  • Customise and provide all online webinars that the user can participate in.
  • Connect with various coaches/mentors/ and schedule coaching session with them.
  • Allow users find general physicians/gym trainers/yoga instructor/nutritionist in their location and get help regarding physical training and nutrition.
User Interface
Impact of design

UniKwan worked out a more focused service offering by choosing and merging the most important scenarios. As a result the app became clutter free, more usable and guided the user to achieve his goals. The company got a better product to gather the stakeholders and explain the value proposition, which led to multiple streams of revenue to make the product successful.

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