Frequently Asked Questions

Why UX and Do you provide UX for all media?

A good UX is more than half the battle won. We design and develop web user experiences. We also help designing mobile and enterprise UX, TV EPGs and other digital interfaces. We have an in-house team of front end developers. We purely focus on envisioning, designing and developing front end of your product.

How do you help in innovating new ideas or business avenues?

Using methods like user research design thinking, service design and critical thinking, we identify the value of any idea or a product/service. This allows our clients to anticipate and realise the true potential of their business and scale up. Our workshops are fun and designed to give you outcomes to scale your business. We are great whiteboard and visual thinkers!

What kind of Video and Animation work you do?

We create TV commercials, product/service explainers, corporate and promotional videos, pre and post production. Please also check our vimeo page

Do you assist in refining and redesigning existing products?

Yes. We help in looking into the pain points of your existing product and how can it be refined by applying Usability Methods and tools. We test and review mobile apps, websites. We serve clients in broad industries, including consumer, enterprise software, healthcare, financial services, and travel & leisure.

How does UniKwan determine the exact cost and time of a project?

Before determining the exact time and cost of the project we get into DNA of the company to understand the requirements. We have devised various models of engagement keeping a flexible approach. We are reasonably good in our pricing!

Will UniKwan work with Agency/VC/Incubator to support our existing portfolio on an on-going basis?

Yes we do work with Agency/VC/Incubator and support their existing portfolio. We also act as extended design capacity to various clients.

What is a typical duration for a UX and usability project?

A standard usability study is 3-6 weeks. User-centered design projects tend to last 4-12 weeks depending on the brief and requirement.

What is a typical duration for a video?

A standard explainer is 2-4 weeks. For big corporate videos and TVC quality video it can vary from 3 to 16 weeks.

Do you provide standalone services like visual design or creating prototype?

We sit with you to understand the specific need. We identify the best possible solution to meet you goal. If it requires us to give only visual design or mid fidelity prototype, we do help.

Offsite or Onsite? What are techniques and environment you follow?

We are INDIA based but flexible working both onsite/offsite. A good quantum of work comes from various global locations like the US, Europe and South east asia. We are well versed with Agile methodologies and also work in lean setup and environment. Our process is also lean and direct to help our clients achieve the planned objectives.

How else you can help us?

With our network of partners, we can help you with Branding, Digital marketing and Content creation.

Who are the curators of UniKwan?

Mr. Prabuddha Vyas and Mr. Sagar Saseendran, ex-nokia researcher and interaction designer founded UniKwan.

I would like to get started, what is my next step?

Click on the Contact Us button below and fill in the details. You can also call us on
+91 9686 568 578 / +91 9620 681 280 or drop an email on

Do you have a brochure or case study you can send me?

We have a high-level overview PDF you can download here. For case studies please go through our work, we will be more than willing to take you through them in person.