School Working Capital Loan

The financial health of your education institute is akin to that of business organizations or even households. Timely collection of receivables is what will enable you to make payments for the expense overheads. More often than not, schools are beset with situations such as delay in school fees collection or reconciliation, cash being locked up in infrastructure capacity building or other academic commitments which create cashflow mismatches that pose challenges for timely payments to staff and school vendors.

Our School Working Capital Loans will help you relieve yourself of working capital issues, and let you focus on what you do best–Impart Quality Education.

  • Payments for your school to meet regulatory obligations on time
  • Managing vendor payments so that your students continue to access the best education resources.
  • Payment of staff salaries and social security benefits on time so that your school retains the best teachers and non-academic talent
  • Timely utility bill payments for electricity, water etc. as well as lease rentals so that both your teachers and students enjoy a school environment conducive to  learning.
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