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CHG (Centre for Human Genetics)

The Centre for Human Genetics (CHG) is engaged in advanced research, teaching and training in areas which lie at the interface of modern genetics and medicine. Besides research and teaching, the Centre provides comprehensive clinical services, including genetic counselling for a range of genetic disorders and inborn errors of metabolism. With support from the Government of Karnataka, the Centre provides diagnostic and genetic counselling services free of cost to BPL families.

The facilities available include State-of-Art laboratories equipped to map mutations in human patients with genetic disorders, both chromosomal and DNA mutations and equipped with instruments like DNA Sequencer, PCR machine, Micro-volume Spectrophotometer, Gel Doc, Preparatory Centrifuge, Fly Stations for Drosophila Work, Ultra low Freezers, Cell Repositories, etc.

Contact Person- Prof. Jayaram S. Kadandale

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