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Electronics System Design & Manufacturing Policy 2017-2022

Amongst all emerging economies, India has been one of the frontrunners from growth and economic development perspective. The Indian electronics system design and manufacturing (ESDM) industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country. Changing global landscapes in electronics design and manufacturing capabilities, and cost structures have turned the attention of global companies towards India.

Companies from around the world are looking to build local capabilities in India not just to serve the resident market but also to cater to overseas markets. This has resulted in the development of indigenous capabilities across the ESDM value chain in India. ESDM industry in India comprises of four key components: Electronics Products; Electronics Manufacturing Services, Electronic Components and Design Services which are at varying stages of development. Similarly, various electronics applications markets such as telecom electronics, automotive electronics, consumer electronics and industrial electronics, are at different stages of ecosystem development.

The focus is currently on providing the necessary impetus to take advantage of the dormant capabilities across the various electronics markets and developing the missing links so as to make the local ESDM sector globally competitive.

Objective –

The policy aims to foster high growth for the ESDM industry, which can be achieved by attaining the following goals:

  • Stimulate the growth of 2000 ESDM startups during the policy period.
  • Enhance value addition done in Karnataka by 50%.
  • Create 20 Lacs new jobs in the ESDM industry by 2025, both direct and indirect, thereby increasing the total workforce in the sector to ten times the present number.
  • Effect a quantum jump in the overall revenues of Karnataka’s ESDM companies to USD 40 billion by 2025.
  • Significantly grow the ESDM exports from the state to USD 16 billion by 2025.

Inquiry –

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