K-Tech Brown field cluster

K-Tech Brown field cluster

Brown Field ESDM Cluster is setup at Deshpande Foundation, Hubballi in collaboration with IESA to create the next electronics hotspot of Karnataka, beyond Bengaluru. The objective of setting up this cluster is to host ESDM entrepreneurs and invite other companies from surrounding areas to use the facilities at the ESDM Brownfield Clusters. The ESDM Cluster is a logical step forward towards the conscious focus on hardware.

The ESDM cluster features:

  • Prototype design & DFM Support
  • Assistance for Manufacturing & Design Optimization from domain Mentors,
  • PCB Batch Production & Assembly (High Mix & Low to Medium Volume Production)
  • as well as Testing & Validation in different environmental conditions

Contact Details –

Address: Deshpande Startups,Next to Airport, Opp to Gokul Village, Gokul Road, Hubballi, Karnataka.

Contact Person Name: Mr.Veeranagouda

Contact Number: +91-951-331-5793

Email-id: veeru.sandbox@dfmail.org

Website link: http://deshpandestartups.org/esdm-cluster

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